Thesis Summery

The project creates an adaptable system that generates various immersive performance spaces with the ability to morph and change. Through the use of this kit of parts system, multiple types of performance and entertainment spaces can be created. The various components, based off of the scissor like system developed by Chuck Hoberman, are designed to be highly expandable and retractable. These autonomous components are exceptionally mobile and adept at quickly deploying in any number of different types of sites. They rapidly move, almost creature-like, throughout an urban context from one site to the next. They are designed to be capable of functioning in small independent clusters, singularly, or as a series of fragments within a larger urban-like context, as well as be effectively combined to create a single extensive event in one location. The types of performances this system can create ranges from large scale interactive music concerts, immersive theatrical performances, dynamic fashion shows, spontaneous musical productions, small intimate shows, or scattered yet connected performances throughout a city.

The components not only create performances spaces, they have the ability to do so practically anywhere, with little or no existing infrastructure required, setting up in a matter of minute to a few hours, depending, and leaving or changing programmatically just as fast. These components disperse throughout the urban context, traveling like a swarm from one site to the next. Not only do they create excitement and entertainment through the performances but also in their mere movement, extending the performance beyond that of just a scripted production but to their movements of travel, assembly and disassembly.